Monday, January 20, 2014

How I Began Making Money Writing Love Poems in School

Before I took a shot at the online marketing I use to make money offline doing a number of things and began to monopolize a little off of my talents. I wrote elegant love poems and quotes when I had time after or during school hours. Today I copyright all workings that I keep for myself, but other work I had was sold to buyers and from that work I made a some decent cash. In my school, my peers, especially the men adored the services I offered on the table so naturally I took this gracious opportunity to bring in some serious doe and at the same time I could help a happy couple remain happy.

What was so special about my service is that I was the go-to guy for romantic topics and the best leverage I had I had going was no other person duplicating what I had been doing meant zero competition so the ball was in my court. Whenever a guy needed a loving love poem they'd contact me and this little known service remained a covenant between us. My work was so good I managed to process orders from other schools from several districts, my income sore after extending my little known business.

Soon, everyone had started noticing this venture I had been heavily profiting from and like a hungry man everybody wanted a piece of the pie after seeing the hundreds I made in a week. Unfortunately I had to shut down my business as competition rose but it was fun and fairly prosperous while it lasted. My reason for bringing my past up is to share with you about a good idea that could likely go viral just by word-of-mouth and being a dependable service for ordinary people to use from time to time.

I had no idea I'd touch people with my romance service the way that I did, but it happened. Sure, business at my school had come to a cease but that had not stooped me from trying out my service in several other platforms. Once I had seen the reactions I retrieved from my peers I decided to post my love quotes and poems on a separate blog for plenty to view. Anybody who had seen and liked my work I offered them a love poem for cash payment through Paypal. I didn't create a huge amount of wealth, but I gained a fortune of knowledge about business, servicing, and supply. That alone bootstrapped me for the numerous opportunities to come.

In conclusion, the great talents we've gained over the course of years is a blessing to have from God, in fact, if we understand how to utilize them to make money then its okay. The poetry that I expressed to each individual came straight from my heart and I very much enjoyed what I was doing although I wasn't an excellent poet. With businesses involving love you can hold all types of contest for spicing up the mood or teach someone how they could run a romance service of their own. The bottom line is you can do something you full enjoy while making an awesome living off of it.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Benefits of Surrounding Yourself Around Successful Business People

Did you know that talent isn't the only thing you need to possess in order to succeed. Sure, you can create all types of great services and products for people to use but you are missing something and it's called endorsements. The most famous people in Hollywood needed to connect with someone else who held greater connections and opportunities. Celebrities would hire publicist to recreate their image into something extraordinary because a publicist's job is to publicize the ventures of the celebrity then you, "the celebrity", are offered several endorsements from a handful of companies depending on what your image covers and how much attention you draw in the public eye.

Michael Jordan's mantra is basketball so it's natural for Nike to slap his name on Nike's wearing apparel products since majority of basketball fans idolize Jordan Nike can control a piece of the shoe market just by knowing his image is very popular and possibly lucrative. Once they had begun integrating his name into their brand the result was Nike started collecting billions a year in revenue from only using his name exclusively on their wearing apparel products and causing Michael Jordan to became a Household name making him hundreds of millions of dollars a year. This concept applies to those who run online businesses as well. Like most popular names they involved themselves with people of business.

1. Gain Friends that Matter & Partnerships that Counts

They say association brings assimilation the people you surround yourself around is the mirror image of yourself. The way an individual think is exactly what he or she attracts. To put this simple entrepreneurs attract other entrepreneurs since they both are innovators just as designers attract other designers since both share their creative ideas, or mothers attract other mothers since both have kids similar people who are associated with that interest. Every group I've mentioned above have a certain mindset on a certain subject.

My point is your future is determined on who and what you spend your time with or doing. Throughout my years in making money online I continue to keep in contact with groups that are constantly into what I am into. Whoever you choose to follow in the future let it be someone who is doing well in the same industry you are in, these are your sponsors. Search Google+ or Facebook focus groups and join those who are collaborating on the same subject.

2. Advance Insight on Business

Sharing news is probably the most vital asset to have in all business. Gaining business partners in the same industry can also help you stay updated on what's actually happening in that industry. A kind businessman may send you an email about a decent stock you should consider investing money into that you or a new type of product that is gaining prominence online in your focused industry. Sharing information between you and your partners goes both ways. Consider building a partnership of at least 5 in your industry.

3. More Publicity & Exposure

Promoting business on your own is doable but having a team that is willing to share a little exposure and publicity for your business to their own customers is an absolute goldmine that is why partnering with similar groups is so important, it increases production overtime. You too will share your customers but nothing is negative about this technique, you are not cheating your consumers neither are you providing them with products and service they wouldn't be interested in.

4. Recommendations

Ever seen a really nice bike and bought it and upon buying the bike you found the need to recommended it to your best friend. You might have thought the bike was so great and fast that you allowed your friend to even ride it only to prove its that good in order to convince your friend to purchase one and all of a sudden he runs to the next sporting goods store to pay the price. This happens a lot when you see or experience something very absorbing, you recommend it to others, basically you are being a salesman for a company you don't receive any compensation for your recommendation. Build that ferocious attitude about your business by presenting your products to your partners to promote for their consumers, but offer them a generous percentage of the pie and they'll be glad to issue recommendations to their customers.

In conclusion, as a businessman I suggest you to spend quality time retrieving an outstanding list of partners by connecting to them through social media or blogs similar to this one. Stick to a group that is synonymous to your business and you'll do just fine when its time for product launch. Serve them generously and you'll be served back with superiority.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Superior Guide to Make Money Online with Affilate Marketing

The fact is affiliate marketing is never going to go away just as long as there are products to be sold, affiliate marketers market them and more money to be made. It has already been predicted that affiliate marketing will grow around 3 - 4 billion dollars in the next two years so I guess you are going to want a cut of this chunk of the pie, heck, everybody want to claim their share in this market but if you don't do it correctly you won't make money online or at least not the amount you predicted. You may not become a millionaire this year but you sure can make at least $100,000 in a year as a beginner marketer, all it takes is patience and a ambition to keep pushing ahead no matter how much you fail.

Join Affiliate Networks

Online, theirs dozens if not thousands of affiliate networks for you to join, but I only join a few that I trust to pay me when I make a sale. The two that I recommend are Share A sale and Commission Junction for choosing programs to promote. I also have been using ClickBank when promoting products of my own or other people's products that tightly in the market I have mastered. They've been around for a very long time and only support informational products unlike the other two I mentioned they support CPA(cost per acquisition) programs.

The choice is your but for what is certain whichever affiliate network you choose I advise you to develop a website to give them an idea of what kind of industry you represent since most only accept applications from affiliates that own a website that matches at least one company you could promote immediately, otherwise, you are useless to them. Don't have a website? Then you don't have a place to market anything so please, publish a website and gain readership first. Affiliate networks issue special affiliate links when you are preparing for a campaign or presenting offers to your potential customers.

Become an Authority

When everyone know who you are then more likely they know your business too. Expose yourself to the world....hahaha.....not literally but intentionally expose what you offer no matter what type of web medium it is just put your name on the board. The more link, brand, and information you deliver to the public the more trust you gain from a audience who realizes they need your services. Once you've leveraged authority it is time to use that authority by making offers. You build trust by remaining true to what you deliver. If you promise a free ebook for an email exchange to a visitor then remain true to your word.

Market, Market, Market

Marketing can really suck, to tell you the truth I rather let the products to do the talking other than myself and that is what you call "products selling themselves". Create a definitive sales letter through email or context networks to enable the product to sell itself. Here is a list of places to begin creating publications about you and your business for free through headlines, images or text. These are networks where people actually look for information and you can build relationships, authority, traffic and eventually market to after you have managed to build a dandy list of subscribers.

  • Google+

In conclusion, it doesn't take a genius to market a product especially if you are offering people things they already want to buy you won't have to do too much talking when the product is already selling itself. The secret sauce to modern day affiliate marketing is to study your market by listening to your customers needs. If you promote a product that is currently doing well then all you must do is make it available to those who has a problem that you have a burning desire to solve.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Ultimate Guide on How to Buy and Sell Websites to Make Money

The first domain I bought in 2007 was a total mistake but as for the mistakes you make along the journey as an entrepreneur there are lessons to be learnt. I didn't consider the fact that the name I chose for my website would reflect on the brand I'd eventually have to represent in the future, you see, I didn't think about the branding factor.

Neither did I consider if this domain I chose was eventually going to have to rank well in the search engines for my chosen keywords in the URL which was absolute stupidity on my part given the fact that in those days ranking for your top keywords were very easy if they had matched "exactly" what searchers were searching for on the popular search engines. Even today, search drives majority of website's modern day web traffic and business more than any other online media.

My suggestion for you who want to buy and sell websites is to prepare a clear plan and take action one step at a time. This is a huge business where webmasters or business owners purchase preexisting websites that are already returning tender profits so you are in a greatly positioned opportunity to reap the share of selling online real estate and make money from each property sold. You will put a lot of work into building a mini business online, but you'll also make a hefty profit at the end of the year after putting in the best efforts.

That first web property sale feels excellent after it has been sold and once you've gotten the swing of buying then selling websites making a living off of it becomes natural because you've adapted. Creating an income of a manager's yearly wage of between 25,000 - 30,000 dollars per website can be addictive. Here are the basics of how it's done step by step:

1. Think About Your Brand

Although this is all business you should always stick with an industry you already know than trying to develop knowledge of one you don't. Why? Because knowing an industry from inside out will be an exception to the competition you may face down the road when developing the business as a whole. Here are my top tips that needs to be considered when building a healthy brand.
  • Create a Logo
  • - People love companies that take the time to try and impress them. One of the exceptions to the rule of branding with images, logos, or a mascot is that potential customers will remember you, not only because of your product or service, but the fantastic logo you represent. For instance, in the 1980s, the frosted corn flakes cereal company Kellogg's coined the rooster mascot and then Tony the Tiger.

    The phrase "thhhhheeeeyyyyyreee.....great!", became the dialogue and center theme to the company's mascot and people up to this day remember Tony the Tiger and his super famous phrase. It is such a famous brand that the kids in the 80s grew up and introduced their own kids to Kellogg's cereal brand. The secret is to build images that'll stick in the mind of ordinary day to day people that matches their needs.

  • Produce a Product or Service Anyone Can Access
  • - What do you offer to people that your core competitors don't that contains better quality for a better price? Are your prices more cost affordable to the average consumer? Ask yourself these questions. How can you make a single person's life a little bit simpler by providing something that is always accessible to them at all times. A long time ago cell phones were only available to the rich but today anybody can purchase a cellular phone for a very cheap price, be an innovator.

    Another option is to create something that doesn't exist on the market as of yet. New products have plenty of power of receiving a lot of attention because it is something new. Many entrepreneurs have great ideal products to produce but it's the way a product is presented that grabs attention the most from potential buyers.

2. Keyword Research

Study and research keywords that are most relevant to your website's targeted industry. Afterwords, apply optimize your website to obtain the majority share of web traffic using those keywords. Ranking for closely related key terms in your industry should be your #1 priority when preparing to dominate and compete with your competitors. Place your top keywords in your title tags but create a title that invites and attracts your audience. For instance, your top keywords for your website may be "apple pie". Instead of just using those two words create a phrase that better explains your website such as, "The Best Guide to Baking Apple Pie".

If you actually have a blog that you are building then create enticing post titles similar to the one above with your related industry keywords. Open notepad, save as top keywords, then create a list of 10 - 20 top keywords that are related to your website. You can also use sub categories as well to serve your audience, for example, maybe your existing audience love cherry pie too, if so, write about cherry pie just keep a list of keywords list to keep you inform on what is actually being searched for throughout the web. Personally, the #1 tool for keyword research that I use is located on SEMRUSH.COM. Great for analyzing website traffic and keywords.

3. Register Your Domain

There's two options for you to consider before purchasing a domain. (A) Register a Brand name or (B) Register a Domain with your top keywords. Let me explain each of the two options very carefully before you make a decision. This alone can save you a ton of pain before registering a domain name. You want to actually sell your website after you have completely finished building it so unfortunately you cannot sell a free blog or website to nobody like this one you are reading now so you'd have to register a actual domain with an hosting company.

I recommend using since you can easily navigate the domain to other servers or purchase a hosting package made specifically for that domain (such as or you are going to be working on because after you've finished building traffic, content, and carefully branding it you are going to sell it to someone in the future. DO NOT register other domains under the same hosting packages that you don't plan on selling.
  • Register a Brand Name
  • - Registering a brand name is the same as targeting a specific product or service but with somewhat a style people will not forget and I mean it must be memorable. For instance, if your website talks about chocolate cake you might register a website called "" or something more shorter like, "". The idea is to produce an ideal theme, something specific people will barely forget but remember.
  • Register Your Top Keywords
  • - Using the example above instead of branding you'd apply your top keywords in your URL. You'd do something like this, "" if that particular domain would be available. Using keywords in your domain solidifies exactly what your website is about almost instantly when incomers find your website in search. Another grand benefit your website receive is being picked up by all major search engines for your main keywords, especially if they are consisted within your main website's title tag.

4. Add Content

The reason I blog instead of creating a standalone website is because blogs that stay updated the most reap the benefits from search engine traffic, in turn, reap even greater benefit from users just because you are keeping them informed and socializing on a daily basis. The two content rich snippets you should begin focusing mainly on is images and text.

  • Use Text
  • - Text is indexed by search and read by human beings. Although we all have risen to greater alternatives when viewing content by video or images people are going to read anything with text and then they'll draw their own conclusions. Just as I have stated before, blogs are phenomenal when relaying messages or informing your readers through articles, this type of content will never go away as long as their are newspapers, magazines and the internet available to their disposal. Remember when writing articles place relevant keywords that are being searched continuously through search throughout your content. More keywords, mean more indexation, means more web traffic.

  • Use Images
  • You want to put something in a person's mind that they don't have to read when making a decision then use images. Images can tell you 1,000 things about a subject. People react towards certain images that are presented in certain ways. For instance, if a person is viewing a valentines Day heart then instantly they'd think of it as having to do with romance. Images are very powerful especially when surrounded by text. Since standalone images cannot be indexed in search use the "alt" tag so they can be indexed.

  • Use Video
  • - There is something about movement and sound that draws the attention to a crowd and that's precisely what video does. Media networks like CNN, Youtube, or your local television stations are being viewed as I am typing this post so as you see the potential for video as being your #2 content juggernaut is justifiable given the fact video actually converts better than images any day. Don't host video through your host since it'll cost you tons of money to do so. Instead, host video your through your Youtube Channel and then post that piece of html short code on your blog, this alone saves you a bundle.

5. Build Audience & Readership

Sure, you can have a gigantic amount of traffic rolling into your website in less than the time it take to create a website, but you shouldn't fail to keep in contact with your readers so you want to setup automated email subscriber software to capture as many leads as you can. This little trick is the prime reason for starting a blog or website in the first place, to build a list of subscribers by keeping in contact with them. Once you have come across some important information for these subscribers in your niche you can email them offers they'll enjoy. The email software that is most qualifying is Aweber. Place a subscriber box on the front page of your website with an enticing message that will provoke action then simply draw traffic to your landing pages where potential subscribers will subscribe to your mailing list, but first you must connect with interested readers.

  • Guess Blogging
  • - After you've started a blog or website it doesn't magically become a website that has visitors these visitors are real and must find your link to click on it. In order to receive visitors in less than 24 hours coming into your website guess blogging would be your best bet. This is how to use Google in order to search for bloggers who are currently accepting guess bogging: Type in "guess post" and "place your industry keywords between these quotation marks" and you'll return a list of results of webmasters who are accepting guess blogger post.

  • Build Social Media Traffic
  • - Social media has housed billions of users and hundreds of thousands(if not millions) of profiles being created on a daily basis. All you must do is start a profile, socialize, share material, link to your blog to your profile, accumulate friends, and talk about your business to them. My biggest tool on social media is using communities related to your industry in order to bring instant flux of web traffic onto your website on a daily basis. The gigantic traffic guzzling social networks that I use are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

  • Utilize the Search Engines
  • - There are 3 major search engines I pay closer attention to when getting indexed for organic web traffic and those are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. All three of those generate billions of searches per month. However, the #1 search engine that has garnered authority among majority of the world is Google. In order to rank well in Google search is create great keywords in title tags, plenty of content, related links, and social shares. The more popular you become a greater chance that you begin to rank in search for your chosen key phrases.

6. Create Sales for Proof of Profitability

You should meet the requirements you set for your projected annual income. Do you expect to make at least $100k by the end of this year or less. Whatever the amount may be you should always strive to meet that quota only then will you have proof to show a potential buyer of your website that it's worth the purchase. Multiply how much your business make in a year annually times three and that is how much your website maybe actually worth. In the beginning I told you to build a list of buyers or subscribers. Why? Because you can include this list of email opt in subscribers along with the popular domain that is already garnering notability through search, and social media.

7. List Your Domain for Sale

Place your business where business is being conducted and that place is called The price is listed and granted to those who are ready to buy. You also have great webmaster forums like the WarriorForum and DigitalPoint to sell your small business website for profits, the choice is up to you to decide where you would like to be listed. In my humble opinion I'd say use them all, the more exposure you garner the merrier.

In conclusion, anybody can buy and sell a website if you put all of your energy and focus on that one particular business. Don't get frustrated over small potatoes and build slow if you have to. Make money online on a full time basis if you can because your focus is going to go a long ways in the long run. Your first big sale could possibly kiss your day job goodbye and welcome you into a life of freedom and entrepreneurship for a time to come. Good luck and please don't give up, buy and sell!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2 Tips on How to Make Money Online Writing Articles

If you love to talk then you must love to write as well, but how about making money while you are doing all of that rambling in the process. The business opportunity is in plain site for writers and publishers. As a matter of fact you have several instances of producing a little income by writing articles. My most upfront advice for you is to stick with your industry because if you continue to bounce around a ton of industries you'll soon lose focus of the niche you mostly understand.

Study the subject very clearly you are planning to dominate and soon you'll be able to produce share more content on that knowledge you've accumulated to a vast audience interested in your articles. The brass magic key that will open all doors for people to come begging for more help is understanding what the reader want and then turning that want into a need. How I've made money writing articles:

1. Publishing Articles on Your Blog

You can never get any better than that. Publishing content on your own website is absolutely the goal for any blogger if he or she has already established readership. Besides, whatever profits you generate from articles on your blog you don't have to split between any other network but Google if you are serving Google adsense ads on your websites. Blogging networks similar to Squidoo you must split the profits gained from Google although you have gained that traffic by submitting your thoughtful articles.

Unlike blogs that have not built a consistent readership base you might want to look into guess blogging. Guess blogging should be one of your top priorities when building a gush of dedicated readers. a better way to done by submitting a unique, well written article to a blog that has already created a community of readers over the course of a year or so. If your industry is related to "baby pampers" then you should seek out pregnancy blogs to submit your articles to. Once you've found a blog you are interested in hosting your article just contact the blog owner and ask them will they allow you to place an article on their blog with a link back to you website. Only go after blogs closely related to your own.

If the blog owner agrees then post the article as soon as possible with a link in the article leading back to your own source article post, the link back to your website in the article you post you created should contain two elements once the visitor has arrived is a unique article, a product or ppc ad. The job of the article or publication you made on your blog is to provoke and entice conversion through articles you promote on your blog. The more guess post you conduct on popular blogs the more web traffic you get overtime.

2. Article Networks

Back in the day before I started making money through multiple streams of passive income I was generating a few bucks through several networks and all I needed to bring to the table was my expertise in many areas and categories that I keen knowledge about. Now, I don't recommend spending most of your entrepreneurial career and time promoting your best work on other people's networks but if you need those extra bucks soon or wish to start seeing a little bit of green backs then I go for it. Here's a few spots to check into to begin capturing leads, traffic, and ad revenue:


In Conclusion, you must start somewhere on the web and making money online writing articles can become addictive, but don't allow it to become your number one priority when it comes to cashing in on the net, you need better control. The real income generated online is the kind of income you don't have to work so hard for. In time, if you desire to build a real business online it takes a real business structure with a real opportunity.

Monday, January 13, 2014

How to Make Money Online Blogging - The Ultimate Truth

I've always said that wealth is not in how much money you make but in the people you serve because you need people to need what you have to offer them. Without the people your business is irrelevant. Before we can begin winning over the trust of others we have to start generating an income of our own. Once you've learned how to make money online and have started a journey of making big bucks you can take that cash and create your own products while showing other inspiring entrepreneurs how to get into business for themselves as well. Just because you dream great dreams doesn't mean it'll appear in front of your eyes overnight, a dream business takes up a lot of your time. Here are my top 10 ways to make money online for free and in a timely manner, you must start somewhere:

1. Start Bogging

Over the past 6 years I've learned that blogging can be very beneficial when done correctly. You can actually make a bundle just by building a considerable amount of web traffic and readers overtime then providing a service or product for those interested readers to purchase. By sticking to your niche audience you could grow huge authority but you must contain a keen interest in what you are talking about. In order to start you need a blog, it can be a free one like this one or simply pay for a hosted Wordpress blog. My choice to utilize a free blogging platform is for numerous of reasons but mainly because it's much more straightforward and less technical.

I simply login to my Google account, go to my blogger's dashboard, press "new post", write a post, and publish it on my blog in less than 50 seconds. The choice is up to you, personally, I have registered over 50 different domain names through hosting companies and found it a waste of money and time unless you are planning on creating a network that houses a huge audience such as Facebook, Twitter, or a nifty start-up and idea that will create a particular shift on the internet, however, if you are planning on flipping your hosted website then by all means put up the 100 buck for a domain name of your choice. If you have something interesting to talk about that can help someone informational wise such as a "how to" guide then a free blog is your answer to this problem.

Collect emails while blogging to keep in contact with your readers because you'll soon be introducing them to more relevant content and articles that will help them in the long run, in turn, it'll help you as well. Since the services and products they'd be receiving from you will be commissions that you receive once the sale has been made, not having a email list is like suicide for your business. Building a list of readers is not hard, yes, it may take you a couple of months before clamming to 1,000 - 2,000 email subscribers, but you it's worth the effort. Here are 3 ways to make money with your list of subscribers once obtained them through your blog.

  • Affiliate Networks - Utilizing affiliate networks such as Clickbooth, Commission Junction, or Clickbank are great ways to start generating profits from your readers depending on the industry you are currently managing or controlling, and you don't even have to own these products or services provided by these networks. Many of the offers represented throughout these networks may be CPA(Cost Per Acquisition) lead generation ads meaning all the user has to do is submit their zip code or email in order for you to receive a finder's fee which could range around $.50 - $2.00, not bad considering that a purchase is not required. As a matter of fact you are given a special URL to track the sells you gain from each customer. Once you've reached a certain required payment threshold, in which is around at least $100 you are mailed or wired to your bank account the check amount generated in that 30 day period. By far, the best way to go when monetizing from your blog.

  • Google Adsense Publishing Network
  • - When advertisers pay for ads called Adwords to have it displayed throughout Google ad networks these advertisers pay a certain whole amount ranging from $50 or more. Every time a search is conducted by a user on Google search these ads are shown on the right, top, or bottom of Google Search query results. If the advertiser pay for a keyword that receives 49,000 searches a month they must set a certain PPC(pay per click) amount to be taken out once the ad has been clicked by the searcher. If you've partnered with Google you could receive a portion of that transaction as well if you have these ads displayed on your blog. If the click is worth $2.00 you get a percentage of that amount. Depending on the type of content included(adult content not included) ads are automatically generated once you've copied and have pasted the code Google after your website has been submitted and reviewed by the Google adsense team. Interested in Google adsense partnership program? Click here.

  • Create a Ebook
  • - I've written a post about this, go here to see it. Creating an ebook and placing it on Amazon can be very beneficial to generating an instant income immediately. You'd have to allow Amazon to take their cut of %30 out of every sale you make, but that is generous given the fact that they've allowed you access to their millions of readers on their network all you need to know is which tags are most searched on their network and attached those to your book. The only thing I despise about Amazon is their ranking system, you may be on top one day and the next dy poof.....your ranking has fallen of it's supreme throne, but that is what promoting through blogging is for isn't it. Promote your book to your readers once published on Amazon, that's right, just copy and paste your ebook's URL provided by Amazon in your email and tell your subscribers about your newly developed ebook. You can create a website dedicated solely and exclusively for your ebook. Heck, sell it through PayPal if you want your money transfers made quicker.

Sign Up With Aweber

The software needed to collect those emails is called Aweber, sure, you can purchase get response but I have had some really great experiences with Aweber. They have some decent web tutorials for you to get your messages, and subscriber box ready to collect emails as soon as possible. The cost of Aweber starts at $19.00 a month. The first mistake internet marketers make is not creating an subscriber list. Once you've prepared your email subscriber box and messages with their state of the art management system you'll be ready to copy and paste your subscriber page on your blog.

In conclusion, like they all say, the money is in the list and your blog is the front man but you must have something valuable to offer to your subscribers otherwise you are wasting your time building a subscriber list. Making money online is not brain surgery, the truth is you don't need to take a graduate college course to do this but you must have a simple plan, platform to present it, product to place on the table, urge and a burning desire to see it through.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Make Money Selling Books on Amazon

It didn't take much for me to finally get my book off the ground because I had already structured a game plan in order to start producing reasonable results. I immediately signed up through Amazon's KDP program and uploaded the digital copy format to their platform. KPD stands for "Kindle Direct Publishing" for those who didn't know. That's right, you can become a self-publisher and the whole process is free. Once you've setup a cover, uploaded your book, title, description, keywords and pay details you are ready to go. Once the book has been approved through Amazon it will go live on KDP, those who own Kindle Fire will search out the book you've produced and purchase it through Amazon's KPD.

The huge benefit Amazon hold in their hands is they have an in-house audience of readers searching for different types of books to read and although Amazon has a vast amount of users with several millions of readers attached I'm not the one to allow my book to just sit on the wayside while I could be exposing it to other interested readers. My advice to you is always follow up on your book's sales and performance at all times but before we began generating an income from our books we must have a clear idea of what we want to write about and share to readers. Your journey to make money online could be in your fingertips by placing what is in your mind into a book. Foremost you must sign up for a KDP account, click here to get started.

1. Do You Have a Idea

Use your imagination and come up with a list of things you could do to make somebody cry, laugh, or even get really mad. Maybe you have a guide that you would like to write which may help several people who's ailing from the situation just by providing them with a solution. Your first ever step you'll take is creativity and as I always say, "the best book to write is the type of book that doesn't exist yet". Why? Because people enjoy reading books that relate to them, but are fairly new to a topic that don't exist. You have your "Lord of The Rings", and your "Hairy Potters" but today where is your imagination wandering, what can you create that doesn't yet exist in literature. Once you've discovered this you'd come eye to eye with your true calling as well as your possible billion dollar idea. Rather if it's love, fiction, Science Fiction, Horror, Drama, Fantasy, or Self-Help I'm sure you can bring something brand new to the table. My advice to you is search for books that you think may not be present in today's world.

2. A Good Title Represents a Great Book

Behind every good book there is a great title and that is where the power lies in selling mostly anything. You must have a title that catches the reader's eyeballs at once. For example, which title stimulates your interest to read further: ex 1. "Make Money Online" or ex 2. "How to Make Money Online in the Next 24 minutes". Instantly, an ordinary person would look at example number two very cautiously because it would appear to be very impossible but that doesn't mean it haven't peaked the reader's curiosity. Example #2 is telling the reader that the information provided will teach this individual to make money in minutes while example #2 is a more broader term that doesn't exactly say anything. The key is to capture the attention of the reader by triggering the emotions of the reader. Put yourself in their shoes, wouldn't want to learn how to make money in minutes? Of course, so use a great title.

3. Content Matters

While the title is almost 60% a reason a reader consider buying your book on Amazon I'd have to say the content is the 30% reason a person purchase your book in the first place, right? Well, sort of. People read how you perceive your book through a description on Amazon and that is your chance to actually entice people to want your book. The description tells the reader what to expect before actually purchasing the book. Once the book is listed you'll the reader also has a chance to have a quick glance at a few pages before purchase. If you have searched Amazon for a particular book before you'd notice two words that says "look inside". it's located on the right corner of the book's cover.

Formatting is important when it comes to structuring paragraphs and other content within your book before uploading it to Kindle. Personally, I've been using Open Office free app on my desktop for creating digital content because it's super easy to format using the tools provided, however, Amazon recommends Window's Wordpad for the same reason, formatting your content is very simple. You can download a free trial through Microsoft. Create standout content readers will enjoy and I promise you'd gain considerable amount of credibility for work well done.

4. Write a Good Sales Copy

Your description must carry a lot of punch in order to gain plenty of orders. Instead of only listing what the reader will receive from the purchase your objective should also be to convert the reader as a buyer of your book and that is where you need to consider mastering the art of writing good copy letters. Sales letters basically inform and tell the reader to take immediate action. If a sales letter is well written it sale many copies of your book without you even touching it. Here is a copy of my sales pitch on one of my Amazon books called, "How to Use Psychology to Make Any Woman Fall in Love with You: Take Her Heart by Possessing Her Mind":

  • A. Create A Relative Story(Let them know you understand)

  • B. Inform Your Readers(The Benefit, how can this book help)

  • C. Take Action(Correct With The Problem)

  • D. Sale(Sale to the potential buyer)

5. Places to Market Your Book

There are several areas online and offline for you to market your book. Target the most trafficked areas that would bring and attract maximum exposure to your book. I assume that you have an Facebook, Google+ account, Tumblr, Twitter, or even a blog. A free blog the one you are reading here right now is a decent medium to host information about your book. Another online network that is available for you for free is Craigslist. List your book under the correct category and choose a city that is has the most population. Remember that KDP is mainly used by those who read digital content so having a physical product cover isn't necessarily needed.

In Conclusion,

In today's society any average Joe can publish a book and get away with it. You no loner need a publisher since so many publishing networks allow you to publish your work on their networks for free. The only expense you'd pay is the 30% Amazon automatically take out of every book sold on their Network, that's it. If you ask me that is a pretty decent deal due to the very, very low overhead you carry which is not much at all. Don't procrastinate, write the book, list it, and get paid. GET IT DONE! Here is the cover of my first book or guide placed on Amazon: