Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2 Tips on How to Make Money Online Writing Articles

If you love to talk then you must love to write as well, but how about making money while you are doing all of that rambling in the process. The business opportunity is in plain site for writers and publishers. As a matter of fact you have several instances of producing a little income by writing articles. My most upfront advice for you is to stick with your industry because if you continue to bounce around a ton of industries you'll soon lose focus of the niche you mostly understand.

Study the subject very clearly you are planning to dominate and soon you'll be able to produce share more content on that knowledge you've accumulated to a vast audience interested in your articles. The brass magic key that will open all doors for people to come begging for more help is understanding what the reader want and then turning that want into a need. How I've made money writing articles:

1. Publishing Articles on Your Blog

You can never get any better than that. Publishing content on your own website is absolutely the goal for any blogger if he or she has already established readership. Besides, whatever profits you generate from articles on your blog you don't have to split between any other network but Google if you are serving Google adsense ads on your websites. Blogging networks similar to Squidoo you must split the profits gained from Google although you have gained that traffic by submitting your thoughtful articles.

Unlike blogs that have not built a consistent readership base you might want to look into guess blogging. Guess blogging should be one of your top priorities when building a gush of dedicated readers. a better way to done by submitting a unique, well written article to a blog that has already created a community of readers over the course of a year or so. If your industry is related to "baby pampers" then you should seek out pregnancy blogs to submit your articles to. Once you've found a blog you are interested in hosting your article just contact the blog owner and ask them will they allow you to place an article on their blog with a link back to you website. Only go after blogs closely related to your own.

If the blog owner agrees then post the article as soon as possible with a link in the article leading back to your own source article post, the link back to your website in the article you post you created should contain two elements once the visitor has arrived is a unique article, a product or ppc ad. The job of the article or publication you made on your blog is to provoke and entice conversion through articles you promote on your blog. The more guess post you conduct on popular blogs the more web traffic you get overtime.

2. Article Networks

Back in the day before I started making money through multiple streams of passive income I was generating a few bucks through several networks and all I needed to bring to the table was my expertise in many areas and categories that I keen knowledge about. Now, I don't recommend spending most of your entrepreneurial career and time promoting your best work on other people's networks but if you need those extra bucks soon or wish to start seeing a little bit of green backs then I go for it. Here's a few spots to check into to begin capturing leads, traffic, and ad revenue:


In Conclusion, you must start somewhere on the web and making money online writing articles can become addictive, but don't allow it to become your number one priority when it comes to cashing in on the net, you need better control. The real income generated online is the kind of income you don't have to work so hard for. In time, if you desire to build a real business online it takes a real business structure with a real opportunity.

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