Monday, January 13, 2014

The Ultimate Guide on How to Make Money Selling Books on Amazon

It didn't take much for me to finally get my book off the ground because I had already structured a game plan in order to start producing reasonable results. I immediately signed up through Amazon's KDP program and uploaded the digital copy format to their platform. KPD stands for "Kindle Direct Publishing" for those who didn't know. That's right, you can become a self-publisher and the whole process is free. Once you've setup a cover, uploaded your book, title, description, keywords and pay details you are ready to go. Once the book has been approved through Amazon it will go live on KDP, those who own Kindle Fire will search out the book you've produced and purchase it through Amazon's KPD.

The huge benefit Amazon hold in their hands is they have an in-house audience of readers searching for different types of books to read and although Amazon has a vast amount of users with several millions of readers attached I'm not the one to allow my book to just sit on the wayside while I could be exposing it to other interested readers. My advice to you is always follow up on your book's sales and performance at all times but before we began generating an income from our books we must have a clear idea of what we want to write about and share to readers. Your journey to make money online could be in your fingertips by placing what is in your mind into a book. Foremost you must sign up for a KDP account, click here to get started.

1. Do You Have a Idea

Use your imagination and come up with a list of things you could do to make somebody cry, laugh, or even get really mad. Maybe you have a guide that you would like to write which may help several people who's ailing from the situation just by providing them with a solution. Your first ever step you'll take is creativity and as I always say, "the best book to write is the type of book that doesn't exist yet". Why? Because people enjoy reading books that relate to them, but are fairly new to a topic that don't exist. You have your "Lord of The Rings", and your "Hairy Potters" but today where is your imagination wandering, what can you create that doesn't yet exist in literature. Once you've discovered this you'd come eye to eye with your true calling as well as your possible billion dollar idea. Rather if it's love, fiction, Science Fiction, Horror, Drama, Fantasy, or Self-Help I'm sure you can bring something brand new to the table. My advice to you is search for books that you think may not be present in today's world.

2. A Good Title Represents a Great Book

Behind every good book there is a great title and that is where the power lies in selling mostly anything. You must have a title that catches the reader's eyeballs at once. For example, which title stimulates your interest to read further: ex 1. "Make Money Online" or ex 2. "How to Make Money Online in the Next 24 minutes". Instantly, an ordinary person would look at example number two very cautiously because it would appear to be very impossible but that doesn't mean it haven't peaked the reader's curiosity. Example #2 is telling the reader that the information provided will teach this individual to make money in minutes while example #2 is a more broader term that doesn't exactly say anything. The key is to capture the attention of the reader by triggering the emotions of the reader. Put yourself in their shoes, wouldn't want to learn how to make money in minutes? Of course, so use a great title.

3. Content Matters

While the title is almost 60% a reason a reader consider buying your book on Amazon I'd have to say the content is the 30% reason a person purchase your book in the first place, right? Well, sort of. People read how you perceive your book through a description on Amazon and that is your chance to actually entice people to want your book. The description tells the reader what to expect before actually purchasing the book. Once the book is listed you'll the reader also has a chance to have a quick glance at a few pages before purchase. If you have searched Amazon for a particular book before you'd notice two words that says "look inside". it's located on the right corner of the book's cover.

Formatting is important when it comes to structuring paragraphs and other content within your book before uploading it to Kindle. Personally, I've been using Open Office free app on my desktop for creating digital content because it's super easy to format using the tools provided, however, Amazon recommends Window's Wordpad for the same reason, formatting your content is very simple. You can download a free trial through Microsoft. Create standout content readers will enjoy and I promise you'd gain considerable amount of credibility for work well done.

4. Write a Good Sales Copy

Your description must carry a lot of punch in order to gain plenty of orders. Instead of only listing what the reader will receive from the purchase your objective should also be to convert the reader as a buyer of your book and that is where you need to consider mastering the art of writing good copy letters. Sales letters basically inform and tell the reader to take immediate action. If a sales letter is well written it sale many copies of your book without you even touching it. Here is a copy of my sales pitch on one of my Amazon books called, "How to Use Psychology to Make Any Woman Fall in Love with You: Take Her Heart by Possessing Her Mind":

  • A. Create A Relative Story(Let them know you understand)

  • B. Inform Your Readers(The Benefit, how can this book help)

  • C. Take Action(Correct With The Problem)

  • D. Sale(Sale to the potential buyer)

5. Places to Market Your Book

There are several areas online and offline for you to market your book. Target the most trafficked areas that would bring and attract maximum exposure to your book. I assume that you have an Facebook, Google+ account, Tumblr, Twitter, or even a blog. A free blog the one you are reading here right now is a decent medium to host information about your book. Another online network that is available for you for free is Craigslist. List your book under the correct category and choose a city that is has the most population. Remember that KDP is mainly used by those who read digital content so having a physical product cover isn't necessarily needed.

In Conclusion,

In today's society any average Joe can publish a book and get away with it. You no loner need a publisher since so many publishing networks allow you to publish your work on their networks for free. The only expense you'd pay is the 30% Amazon automatically take out of every book sold on their Network, that's it. If you ask me that is a pretty decent deal due to the very, very low overhead you carry which is not much at all. Don't procrastinate, write the book, list it, and get paid. GET IT DONE! Here is the cover of my first book or guide placed on Amazon:

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