Monday, January 13, 2014

How to Make Money Online Blogging - The Ultimate Truth

I've always said that wealth is not in how much money you make but in the people you serve because you need people to need what you have to offer them. Without the people your business is irrelevant. Before we can begin winning over the trust of others we have to start generating an income of our own. Once you've learned how to make money online and have started a journey of making big bucks you can take that cash and create your own products while showing other inspiring entrepreneurs how to get into business for themselves as well. Just because you dream great dreams doesn't mean it'll appear in front of your eyes overnight, a dream business takes up a lot of your time. Here are my top 10 ways to make money online for free and in a timely manner, you must start somewhere:

1. Start Bogging

Over the past 6 years I've learned that blogging can be very beneficial when done correctly. You can actually make a bundle just by building a considerable amount of web traffic and readers overtime then providing a service or product for those interested readers to purchase. By sticking to your niche audience you could grow huge authority but you must contain a keen interest in what you are talking about. In order to start you need a blog, it can be a free one like this one or simply pay for a hosted Wordpress blog. My choice to utilize a free blogging platform is for numerous of reasons but mainly because it's much more straightforward and less technical.

I simply login to my Google account, go to my blogger's dashboard, press "new post", write a post, and publish it on my blog in less than 50 seconds. The choice is up to you, personally, I have registered over 50 different domain names through hosting companies and found it a waste of money and time unless you are planning on creating a network that houses a huge audience such as Facebook, Twitter, or a nifty start-up and idea that will create a particular shift on the internet, however, if you are planning on flipping your hosted website then by all means put up the 100 buck for a domain name of your choice. If you have something interesting to talk about that can help someone informational wise such as a "how to" guide then a free blog is your answer to this problem.

Collect emails while blogging to keep in contact with your readers because you'll soon be introducing them to more relevant content and articles that will help them in the long run, in turn, it'll help you as well. Since the services and products they'd be receiving from you will be commissions that you receive once the sale has been made, not having a email list is like suicide for your business. Building a list of readers is not hard, yes, it may take you a couple of months before clamming to 1,000 - 2,000 email subscribers, but you it's worth the effort. Here are 3 ways to make money with your list of subscribers once obtained them through your blog.

  • Affiliate Networks - Utilizing affiliate networks such as Clickbooth, Commission Junction, or Clickbank are great ways to start generating profits from your readers depending on the industry you are currently managing or controlling, and you don't even have to own these products or services provided by these networks. Many of the offers represented throughout these networks may be CPA(Cost Per Acquisition) lead generation ads meaning all the user has to do is submit their zip code or email in order for you to receive a finder's fee which could range around $.50 - $2.00, not bad considering that a purchase is not required. As a matter of fact you are given a special URL to track the sells you gain from each customer. Once you've reached a certain required payment threshold, in which is around at least $100 you are mailed or wired to your bank account the check amount generated in that 30 day period. By far, the best way to go when monetizing from your blog.

  • Google Adsense Publishing Network
  • - When advertisers pay for ads called Adwords to have it displayed throughout Google ad networks these advertisers pay a certain whole amount ranging from $50 or more. Every time a search is conducted by a user on Google search these ads are shown on the right, top, or bottom of Google Search query results. If the advertiser pay for a keyword that receives 49,000 searches a month they must set a certain PPC(pay per click) amount to be taken out once the ad has been clicked by the searcher. If you've partnered with Google you could receive a portion of that transaction as well if you have these ads displayed on your blog. If the click is worth $2.00 you get a percentage of that amount. Depending on the type of content included(adult content not included) ads are automatically generated once you've copied and have pasted the code Google after your website has been submitted and reviewed by the Google adsense team. Interested in Google adsense partnership program? Click here.

  • Create a Ebook
  • - I've written a post about this, go here to see it. Creating an ebook and placing it on Amazon can be very beneficial to generating an instant income immediately. You'd have to allow Amazon to take their cut of %30 out of every sale you make, but that is generous given the fact that they've allowed you access to their millions of readers on their network all you need to know is which tags are most searched on their network and attached those to your book. The only thing I despise about Amazon is their ranking system, you may be on top one day and the next dy poof.....your ranking has fallen of it's supreme throne, but that is what promoting through blogging is for isn't it. Promote your book to your readers once published on Amazon, that's right, just copy and paste your ebook's URL provided by Amazon in your email and tell your subscribers about your newly developed ebook. You can create a website dedicated solely and exclusively for your ebook. Heck, sell it through PayPal if you want your money transfers made quicker.

Sign Up With Aweber

The software needed to collect those emails is called Aweber, sure, you can purchase get response but I have had some really great experiences with Aweber. They have some decent web tutorials for you to get your messages, and subscriber box ready to collect emails as soon as possible. The cost of Aweber starts at $19.00 a month. The first mistake internet marketers make is not creating an subscriber list. Once you've prepared your email subscriber box and messages with their state of the art management system you'll be ready to copy and paste your subscriber page on your blog.

In conclusion, like they all say, the money is in the list and your blog is the front man but you must have something valuable to offer to your subscribers otherwise you are wasting your time building a subscriber list. Making money online is not brain surgery, the truth is you don't need to take a graduate college course to do this but you must have a simple plan, platform to present it, product to place on the table, urge and a burning desire to see it through.

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