Monday, January 20, 2014

How I Began Making Money Writing Love Poems in School

Before I took a shot at the online marketing I use to make money offline doing a number of things and began to monopolize a little off of my talents. I wrote elegant love poems and quotes when I had time after or during school hours. Today I copyright all workings that I keep for myself, but other work I had was sold to buyers and from that work I made a some decent cash. In my school, my peers, especially the men adored the services I offered on the table so naturally I took this gracious opportunity to bring in some serious doe and at the same time I could help a happy couple remain happy.

What was so special about my service is that I was the go-to guy for romantic topics and the best leverage I had I had going was no other person duplicating what I had been doing meant zero competition so the ball was in my court. Whenever a guy needed a loving love poem they'd contact me and this little known service remained a covenant between us. My work was so good I managed to process orders from other schools from several districts, my income sore after extending my little known business.

Soon, everyone had started noticing this venture I had been heavily profiting from and like a hungry man everybody wanted a piece of the pie after seeing the hundreds I made in a week. Unfortunately I had to shut down my business as competition rose but it was fun and fairly prosperous while it lasted. My reason for bringing my past up is to share with you about a good idea that could likely go viral just by word-of-mouth and being a dependable service for ordinary people to use from time to time.

I had no idea I'd touch people with my romance service the way that I did, but it happened. Sure, business at my school had come to a cease but that had not stooped me from trying out my service in several other platforms. Once I had seen the reactions I retrieved from my peers I decided to post my love quotes and poems on a separate blog for plenty to view. Anybody who had seen and liked my work I offered them a love poem for cash payment through Paypal. I didn't create a huge amount of wealth, but I gained a fortune of knowledge about business, servicing, and supply. That alone bootstrapped me for the numerous opportunities to come.

In conclusion, the great talents we've gained over the course of years is a blessing to have from God, in fact, if we understand how to utilize them to make money then its okay. The poetry that I expressed to each individual came straight from my heart and I very much enjoyed what I was doing although I wasn't an excellent poet. With businesses involving love you can hold all types of contest for spicing up the mood or teach someone how they could run a romance service of their own. The bottom line is you can do something you full enjoy while making an awesome living off of it.

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