Sunday, January 19, 2014

Benefits of Surrounding Yourself Around Successful Business People

Did you know that talent isn't the only thing you need to possess in order to succeed. Sure, you can create all types of great services and products for people to use but you are missing something and it's called endorsements. The most famous people in Hollywood needed to connect with someone else who held greater connections and opportunities. Celebrities would hire publicist to recreate their image into something extraordinary because a publicist's job is to publicize the ventures of the celebrity then you, "the celebrity", are offered several endorsements from a handful of companies depending on what your image covers and how much attention you draw in the public eye.

Michael Jordan's mantra is basketball so it's natural for Nike to slap his name on Nike's wearing apparel products since majority of basketball fans idolize Jordan Nike can control a piece of the shoe market just by knowing his image is very popular and possibly lucrative. Once they had begun integrating his name into their brand the result was Nike started collecting billions a year in revenue from only using his name exclusively on their wearing apparel products and causing Michael Jordan to became a Household name making him hundreds of millions of dollars a year. This concept applies to those who run online businesses as well. Like most popular names they involved themselves with people of business.

1. Gain Friends that Matter & Partnerships that Counts

They say association brings assimilation the people you surround yourself around is the mirror image of yourself. The way an individual think is exactly what he or she attracts. To put this simple entrepreneurs attract other entrepreneurs since they both are innovators just as designers attract other designers since both share their creative ideas, or mothers attract other mothers since both have kids similar people who are associated with that interest. Every group I've mentioned above have a certain mindset on a certain subject.

My point is your future is determined on who and what you spend your time with or doing. Throughout my years in making money online I continue to keep in contact with groups that are constantly into what I am into. Whoever you choose to follow in the future let it be someone who is doing well in the same industry you are in, these are your sponsors. Search Google+ or Facebook focus groups and join those who are collaborating on the same subject.

2. Advance Insight on Business

Sharing news is probably the most vital asset to have in all business. Gaining business partners in the same industry can also help you stay updated on what's actually happening in that industry. A kind businessman may send you an email about a decent stock you should consider investing money into that you or a new type of product that is gaining prominence online in your focused industry. Sharing information between you and your partners goes both ways. Consider building a partnership of at least 5 in your industry.

3. More Publicity & Exposure

Promoting business on your own is doable but having a team that is willing to share a little exposure and publicity for your business to their own customers is an absolute goldmine that is why partnering with similar groups is so important, it increases production overtime. You too will share your customers but nothing is negative about this technique, you are not cheating your consumers neither are you providing them with products and service they wouldn't be interested in.

4. Recommendations

Ever seen a really nice bike and bought it and upon buying the bike you found the need to recommended it to your best friend. You might have thought the bike was so great and fast that you allowed your friend to even ride it only to prove its that good in order to convince your friend to purchase one and all of a sudden he runs to the next sporting goods store to pay the price. This happens a lot when you see or experience something very absorbing, you recommend it to others, basically you are being a salesman for a company you don't receive any compensation for your recommendation. Build that ferocious attitude about your business by presenting your products to your partners to promote for their consumers, but offer them a generous percentage of the pie and they'll be glad to issue recommendations to their customers.

In conclusion, as a businessman I suggest you to spend quality time retrieving an outstanding list of partners by connecting to them through social media or blogs similar to this one. Stick to a group that is synonymous to your business and you'll do just fine when its time for product launch. Serve them generously and you'll be served back with superiority.

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